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FructoseLollipop: man i lost two followers all of a sudden
FructoseLollipop: oh well
whatifqueen: And bleh, follower loss is never fun.
FructoseLollipop: its okay. i decided what i'm going to do when i hit my next milestone. but i'm not going to tell anyone about it cause i don't want cheap followers.
TolkienOverTwilight: yes. only the loyal will reap the benefits
FructoseLollipop: i take blogging seriously :|
TolkienOverTwilight: kerry, i think its awesome. you are the dragon queen of blogging

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-I couldn’t do this without you, Garrus.
-Sure you could. Not as stylishly, of course.

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three relationships [3/3] - jefferson & rumplestiltskin

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Kerry and I did a thing. It’s a work in progress. 


fructoselollipop is my platonic soulmate. She’s the better half in every sense. 


Final Thoughts

Slight Anti-Skye, update your tumblr saviors. 

  • Found this episode kinda boring actually. I’m not about Lance Hunter, I’m not about Simmons-shaming (more on the promo in a minute), and Skye returned to a state of annoyance for me. Sorry. That kind of abrasive personality really, really rubs me wrong. I agree with her that she definitely deserves to know what is going on with Coulson, because it is very likely in her future too, and telling Coulson to stick it may certainly appeal to some people but. Not me. I don’t get along with people like that in real life and just because a person is fictional doesn’t mean I’ll like them any better with that personality type. 
  • On the plus side, Fitz making a new friend. Fitz finding in the new team someone to help him through his aphasia, to encourage his brilliance, to make him confront his hallucinations for what they are. These are all good things, and I hope this new relationship with Mack (who I am totally here for) will help break Fitz of the co-dependency he had with Jemma. 
  • Speaking of Jemma: I am totally unsurprised by the promo. There were numerous hints to her being interested last season, so if she really is working with Hydra (bearing in mind that promos often are cut to be misleading) I actually think it makes a fair measure of sense. Especially since, as it was established in Ragtag, Hydra has way more access to the latest innovative science and technology, all of which she already had a vested interest in before Fitz nearly died. So, it would also not surprise me if she went undercover to gain access to all their latest and greatest biological research. She’s not working for the enemy people. At least, not as an enemy herself. So, to all the people I already know are screeching about her being a traitor in the tag, kindly shove it. Jemma > you. 
  • Other notes: Melinda May is too good for this show. And… that’s about it. 

Excuse me, I’ll just be over here crying about Coulson trusting May with that secret.