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FructoseLollipop: man i lost two followers all of a sudden
FructoseLollipop: oh well
whatifqueen: And bleh, follower loss is never fun.
FructoseLollipop: its okay. i decided what i'm going to do when i hit my next milestone. but i'm not going to tell anyone about it cause i don't want cheap followers.
TolkienOverTwilight: yes. only the loyal will reap the benefits
FructoseLollipop: i take blogging seriously :|
TolkienOverTwilight: kerry, i think its awesome. you are the dragon queen of blogging

[About Warrior audition] A friend of mine does fight nights, and there’s a pool of money,” she says. “At my audition, I had just recently won a pool. I was like, ‘I see these fights all the time!’ ”

Dearest Philinda Shippers,


First of all, you’re all awesome with your wonderful edits and gif sets and fanfics! Thank you so much for everything you create and for every encouraging word or like you give (other) creators!

It seems like we’re a rather small fandom yet and I was wondering if we maybe might want to get a little more organized?

I just saved fuckyeahphilinda.tumblr.com as an URL so we could have someplace to just bundle all our love. What do you guys think?

Anybody interested in this? Because I really would love your help!

Taking this time to signal boost the TeamPhilinda blog! I do my best to post pretty much everything that comes through the tag there. Graphics, fanfic, videos, the anguished screams of fellow shippers in reaction to the episodes….


I’m not sure if adding words will detract but still: How does one achieve her level of flawlessness?

brain shutting down brb


I can really imagine a director being like “Misha is beautiful .Like he’s really pretty. Dat profile. Dem eyelashes. Dem eyes. Dem lips. Dat jaw. We really need just a few long seconds taking all that in and showing off our beautiful angel.”

“I’ll grab shirts from the T-shirt pile.” —Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on his easy style ║ Instyle ║ April 2014 ( x )

little bb henry from season one appreciation post (◡‿◡✿)

Current status: emotionally compromised by how choked up Coulson gets when talking about Bahrain in Repairs. 

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