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FructoseLollipop: man i lost two followers all of a sudden
FructoseLollipop: oh well
whatifqueen: And bleh, follower loss is never fun.
FructoseLollipop: its okay. i decided what i'm going to do when i hit my next milestone. but i'm not going to tell anyone about it cause i don't want cheap followers.
TolkienOverTwilight: yes. only the loyal will reap the benefits
FructoseLollipop: i take blogging seriously :|
TolkienOverTwilight: kerry, i think its awesome. you are the dragon queen of blogging

wants to stay up to see what Ming tweets about the episode

but also feeling bitchy and stressed and tired



Y’all need to tone down a few notches the Ward hate because he doesn’t deserve it. If anything, you should feel SORRY for him.

His older brother made him beat the shit out of his baby brother and his parents were even worse. I’m not saying this justifies his actions, HELL NO, but it does shine some light (ha) on WHY he does what he does.

Not everything is black and white, and Grant Ward is one fucked up scale of gray.

Assuming that story was even true? 

"Our job is to follow orders." vs "It’s our job to determine right from wrong."

Wow, this exchange speaks so much to how May and Coulson each respectively approach their work.

On the one hand, you have May. The good solider. One of the best at her job. One of the reasons why is because she doesn’t allow herself to become emotionally attached to any aspect of her work. She compartmentalizes what she does feel, puts it away. That’s why she passes things up the chain of command, that’s why she always follows her orders, because if she lets herself have an opinion, have feelings one way or another, then how can she be expected to do what she has to do day in and day out? 

On the other, you have Coulson, who is driven by his feelings. They are his guide, his moral compass. At the end of the day, I would guess he wouldn’t have any regrets because he always does what he feels is right. Steve Rogers is his role model, after all. He has everything that May denies herself and that works for him. 

The fact that they’re so different in their approach is why they work so well together. And it’s why they’re at odds now. Coulson doesn’t understand what it is like to have to constantly close yourself off like May does, and May doesn’t see why following orders at the expense of someone’s feelings is so abominable. 

I can’t wait to see how they reconcile. They both have worked together long enough to know how the other operates, but they’re both in pain right now to really acknowledge it. 

You wash up on a deserted island alone.  sitting in the sand is a box.  What is in that box?

Final Thoughts

  • Okay, so despite being gone for half the episode, this was a great night for May. She continues to not take bullshit. She left because Coulson’s grievance with her was inhibiting her from doing her job, from protecting her team. So, she’s going to go find someone who can give her answers, who can give Coulson answers. Not just to patch up their relationship, but so Coulson will LET HER DO HER JOB.
  • I am really fucking excited about May and Hill teaming up. I hope Hill tells May about Fury, because there’s no way Hill didn’t now about May being in on Coulson’s resurrection, so she would know that Fury trusts May. So, I hope May gets to go find Fury. I am all about Fury having a trusted cadre of ladies. Oh yes.

I was gonna talk more about how frustrating Skye was tonight, but, eh, I’m so pumped about May that I’ll let it go. For now. 

dirtyfootballangel: OMG OMG... I wanna slap Skye so much. Like SO BADLY.

God she was awful tonight. I’m just glad they didn’t have her believe that May did it, that would have made me so irate. 

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